No… the Left has not given a free pass to Islam

This post is in response to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Asra Nomani’s article They Brushed Off Kamala Harris. Then She Brushed Us Off.

In this article, the 2 women have claimed that the left is not willing to hear anything believed to be remotely un-Islamic for fear of being politically incorrect, hence giving Islam a free pass. With certain parts of Trump’s controversial Muslim ban already applied in the United States, saying that Muslims are being given a free pass is laughable to say in the least.

Hirsi argues that Muslim men aren’t condemned for their misogyny towards women the same way white men are  because they are said to be victims of colonialism and military invasions.  She seems to think that the last source of pride for Muslim men is their domination over their women hence they aren’t condemned enough which is far from the truth. Almost all Muslim men in the West are looked with suspicion as they are believed to have misogynistic values.

Since Hirsi is a victim of genital mutilation, she has been adopted as the face for anti-Shariah groups in US and Netherlands. However the interpretation of Islamic laws followed in Somalia(where Hirsi is from) are very different from most other Muslim countries of the World where FGM isn’t practiced.

 Yes Nomani and Hirsi are right, feminism is for everyone including non-Western women. But really how is their criticism of the entire religion as being misogynistic, including some laws which have different interpretations helping Muslim women. It is this blatant criticism of the religion whose price many Muslim women in the West are paying. The most recent examples include the brutal killing of a teenage Muslim girl in the US and the acid attack on a Muslim girl in the UK.

 If there are certain Democrats who are raising their voices so that Muslims aren’t further victimized, they don’t deserve scrutiny, but should be appreciated.



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