Leaving the Paris Climate Treaty…. A Blow to America’s Reputation?

Leave it to the Trump administration to shock the World by pulling off new stunts every week or everyday in the case of an eventful week. The new administration is a colorful one thats one thing to be sure. The people responsible for protecting the environment have completely opposite things on their mind. So it wasn’t a shocker when the head of EPA cheered as Trump  announced his decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Treaty.

Leaving only 2 countries out of the equation, every other country of this World is a signatory to this treaty. Nicaragua and Syria have good reasons to not be part of the treaty. Countries like China and North Korea are keeping to their word and these are countries  that don’t seem like big environment champions. But a country like USA which has for years been advocating for the cause of climate change and has produced scientists and documentary makers who have brought the World’s attention to global warming, pulling out of this treaty is a shocker. It doesn’t make any sense to those countries  who are now facing severe effects of global warming thanks to the industrialized nations of the World who have for decades been the  leading consumers of fossil fuels. Now that those countries were moving towards green energy the most powerful man on the world  trashes what was a big accomplishment to tackle climate change. And all this to save a few jobs in the coal industry? That’s not a good excuse… an industry is dying and new industries in its place would create new jobs. Infact many more new jobs…Renewable energy is the future after all.

It is unfair to the citizens of USA who have championed the cause and their voices now go unheard as their country faces negative reputation. It is unfair to people in my part of the World who have to face extremely severe weather conditions and a massive heatstroke two years ago which took the lives of many people. It is unfair to our future generations. When John Kerry signed the treaty with his granddaughter in his arms it was a sign  that the treaty is a step ahead and our future generations would not have to suffer if we make the right decision now.

Its not the end of the World ofcourse. Germany and many other powerful nations of the World continue to take this treaty seriously. It is very likely that the next administration would reverse this decision but as things stand right now this was not what the World needed.


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