Much Ado About Nothing

“Its going to be a judgement that would be remembered for decades.”  “its going to be a historical verdict” “This will teach ’em a lesson”….this is what the SC verdict promised us. Earlier the Prime Minister announced that he would resign if proven guilty. And  some of the emotional ones among us (Oh who am I kidding…. All Pakistanis are emotional…. its in our  blood) were getting all excited and posting on their social media walls phrases like “Justice, finally” “Inqilaab aae ga”….  As the nation waited for the suspense and hype created by the Supreme Court and (ofcourse our patriotic media) to be over the much awaited decision was dropped.

The verdict in itself was so inconclusive I could not help but compare it to the promos of movies. (I am not being sarcastic… I wish I was) Big budget movies are often hyped up before their release. And then the movie comes which in itself is such a disappointment you wonder what all the hype was about. Wait that was the climax of the movie? It didn’t even make any sense….Didn’t the same happen with this nation?

The drama would continue to go on until next year elections. Expect many more PTI dharnas in the coming weeks. Sometimes I wonder if  our media says the word Panama more than the residents of the country themselves. You know what? just make it fun while it lasts. Play a game with your family during dinner time… Every time someone on the news says the word Panama take a shot (a sip of water I mean….Dont forget this is a muslim country) The days of Panama leaks seem limited now just enjoy it while it lasts




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