Who needs laptops anyways?

So this is how Emirates is dealing with the new laptop and tablet ban which has been imposed on certain flights. ‘You dont need to carry your laptops when you can just enjoy their inflight entertainment’. Well  I am not sure if entertainment is the sole purpose of using laptops on flights especially if you are trying to get your work done and cannot afford to waste time relaxing on an aircraft for 10 hours. But in Emirates defense the folks over there must be pretty pissed that only the airlines originating from Middle East countries have to face the ban while the US carriers wont have to face the ban even when departing from those same countries.

It does bring to surface certain questions- whether this ban was meant to appease certain  US airline competitors. But then again even the British have slapped the gadget ban on those same airlines without giving away any specific details.

As if people weren’t living in enough fear anyways in the Trump era this new ban will prove to be exceptionally chaotic. Think about it… a 10 hour long flight without your beloved gadgets. Parents with small children usually can only relax when their children are playing with tablets otherwise its mostly just a never ending  tantrum throwing roller coaster. Sure some people would argue that its a small price to pay for what could potentially save their lives. But surely if the intelligence agencies can get their hands on threats like these surely coming up with a plan to guarantee passenger safety without disrupting their comfort cannot be that difficult.

But most of all I feel bad for the airline crew that would have to deal with frustrated passengers who are sure to give them a hard time when they wont have their tablets around to comfort them. Oh well… passenger safety the first priority.


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