The media’s breakup with Trump

It is always delightful when Jon Stewart stops by the late show with Stephen  Colbert. This time it was to mock Trump’s breakup with media.Well to be fair this isn’t the first time Stewart has made fun of the media and mocked their journalistic abilities. But this time it was different as Stewart hilariously asked the media to get serious about journalism for once and stop running after Trump.

Many have said this this time Trump and his press secretary have gone too far this time by not allowing certain media outlets to even be present at a media briefing. Now even CNN and New York Times are responding by showing their anger. New York Times even  aired an ad which was aimed at Trump and his accusation that NYT is nothing but fake news. NYT defended itself by responding that the truth is hard and therefore cannot be digested by people like Trump especially if its not in their favor.

But is it even worth it? As Stewart pointed out that the media needs to stop wasting its energy defending itself and focus more on doing their job. The media needs to do their job from outside rather than whine about the fact that they were not allowed inside the media briefings. Sure what Trump and his staffers are doing is undemocratic but there are many ways the media can rise above it and show em who’s in control.

Who do you think is winning by far? Trump or the media?


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