no-fear-america-liberal-muslim-woman-not-worried-by-trump-7539033Until last year Asra Nomani was a respected journalist but now her views are being mocked by her own colleagues. She seems to be going through some major identity crisis… reason being she voted for Trump in the elections.

For most people this came as a major shock since Nomani identifies herself as a Muslim feminist. Yeah no kidding….a woman who identifies herself as a Muslim feminist voted for Trump. And Trump doesn’t seem to be a major fan of either the religion or women in general. So while Nomani is being ridiculed by most liberals for voting for Trump she continue to make little sense as she  defends her decision on not just this but many other far right causes.

Ok so first she votes for Trump then defends a most hated figure like Milo Yiannopolos and even defends the decision of FBI to spy  on American Muslims. Her argument being that somehow Islam is not compatible with the West and needs to be reformed completely (read become Westernized). She makes the same mistake as many right wing outlets who cannot differentiate between Islam and radical jihadism.

What is even more hilarious is that Nomani used to identify herself as a liberal until some years ago. She wrote an article on the Washington Post citing  that  she does not support Trump’s divisive policies but somehow Trump’s hateful rhetoric makes sense to her. This is  because liberals simply stand by and watch as terrorists continue to spill blood  without condemning Muslims for fear of being politically incorrect. What she fails to understand  is that liberals don’t use fear mongering words  to fulfill their political agenda  and gain votes. But I don’t mean to take a partisan stance on the issue… there is nothing wrong with changing your political leanings…Many have done so but Nomani’s case is different because she used to be one of those few Muslim scholars whose opinions were well-respected and people looked up to her to clear the misunderstandings surrounding Muslims.

Many are now accusing Nomani of mainstreaming Islamophobic views. If she calls herself a Muslim and then goes on to defend the widely criticized Muslim ban on a channel like Fox news  then obviously it would generate an interest in people who would want to know more.

So why is it such a big deal? Muslims in the West have become used to being looked at with distrust but in the current political climate the hate crimes against Muslims have increased.  Instead of using her position to clear the misconceptions of most people about Islam she feigns ignorance and further confuses them. If she is having an identity crisis of her own then how would anything she say be justified?


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