Milo Yiannopoulos is a controversial figure who has apart from saying other racist and sexist things shown his bigotry towards Islam. On his Breitbart blog (where he is a senior editor) he has written a post giving an argument for his resentment for the religion. This piece is an answer to his hateful speech against the many things which he does not fully understand but feels that he must give a strong worded opinion on because of freedom of speech. DUH….well obviously he is one of those people who feel that free speech is the same as hate speech.

OK so the first argument that he gives is that Islam want to take away from the World their sense of humor. Quite fittingly for a white supremacist he continues his argument by saying that West is the Best. So is he suggesting that the 1.2 billion Muslims on this planet don’t have a sense of humor about anything. Pretty dumb argument… how many Muslims does he know personally?… Or am i to assume that despite being a pioneer in the digital media he isn’t aware of the many Muslim comedians and satirists that have recently appeared on the digital scene. They happen to have  a pretty good sense of humor about the terrorists as they openly make a mockery of them and their hateful ideology.Oh and that’s not it… he goes on to rant that poor him can also make no jokes about  feminists and Black Lives Matter without having his Twitter account banned. these are the most vulnerable groups of the society and while many may have their reservations against feminists there is a proper way to critique everything rather than straight up denounce them.

He then goes ranting about the fact that Islam is almost ‘comically sinister’ because the women are covered from head to toe. OK I think that this guy is just deranged and confused about his views. on the one hand he absolutely hates feminists (Remember that this guy also says that women should just stay in he kitchen) and at the same time he thinks that Muslim women are made to suffer because they choose to cover themselves from head to toe. Which side is he on?  According to him he is more feminist than anyone by speaking out against Islam. He feigns ignorance by saying that Muslim men consider it their right to rape women if they wear indecent clothes. what he fails to understand is that this sort of thinking exists everywhere and cannot be associated with one religion. According to Milo this is far more dangerous  from the college campus rape culture which is an epidemic in US colleges but is only bogus to him…well obviously because he cant blame Islam for it. And sure Islam condemns homosexuality but then so does all other religions. Even in Hindu majority country   India homosexuality is punishable. Whether this is right or wrong is another debate but why just criticize Islam for its views on homosexuality.

He does have a point that Muslims have a difficult time integrating in the Western society. But there is a reason why the younger generation  of Muslims  have become disoriented with the Western values and have become radicalized in the recent years. It is because of hateful right wing people like him who speak so hatefully against the religion that the younger generation of Muslims are under the impression that West is somehow at war with Islam. you don’t make it any easy for them to adjust by denouncing their values again and again. It sure doesn’t help when they keep comparing Muslims to skittles. When will they learn  how politically incorrect it sounds. And there is another thing that he gets wrong. It is not illegal to build churches in Muslim countries… the only exception being Saudi Arabia. And Saudi Arabia happens to follow a fundamental Wahabi ideology.

It seems that Milo  is dominating the news these days for all the wrong reasons. His new book wont be launched because of his  remarks in which he seems to be suggesting the pedophilia isn’t all the bad. He sure has an opinion about everything.



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